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Talking to Humans

A crucial part of understanding the "pain" of your target market is in how you interview them. It is important not to mention your 'baby', since this will bias your primary research.  How do you work smarter? How do you be more efficient in making sure that interview counts? Ask the right question! Read "Talking to Humans".  Note: book is available for free for educational organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions For I-Corps Teams (FAQ)

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Events & Opportunities:

A collection of upcoming events and opportunities, both from VentureWell and the innovation & entrepreneurship community. These events may lead to other sources of funding for your startup.

Business Plan Competitions

Another way to fund your business startup is with winning from business plan competitions.  These are normally non-equity awards (I've never heard of a business plan competition with an equity position, but you never know!). Here's the list of the top 30: